Proudly offering 24/7 Emergency Response. Every. Single. Day.

We know that an emergency can strike at any hour, any day. Whether it is flooding, water damage, or any carpet incidents* --- we have Grime Scene Technicians on call 24/7 ready to answer your call. Simply give us a call at 844-STEAM-50 and we're on the way. You already have a headache to deal with; finding someone to come help shouldn't be one.

Steam Cleaning

Don't replace your carpet – make it look like you did!

How do we do it?

  • We use state of the art cleaning machines – we believe advances in technology should be used every day!
  • High pressure, high heat, truck mounted equipment only – this enables us to really get down to the grime and clean it up!
  • High suction, high powered vacuum for maximum water extraction, reducing drying times

Carpet PH – It's Important!

It's important to leave your carpet with the proper PH level. Not rinsing your carpet with the proper water or chemical rinse can cause damage to your expensive carpet. Leaving your carpet at the improper PH can also cause the carpet to attract dirt!

Our Grime Scene Technicians use environmentally friendly cleaning products and rinses that will leave your carpets feeling soft and looking like new.* We can even test to make sure that your carpet is left at the proper PH so you will get the maximum length between cleanings.

* Depending on certain material and other fabric conditions, some stains cannot be removed from carpet or upholstery fabric


Before we begin cleaning, we ensure that your carpets are as clean as they can be. We start by applying a soaking agent that penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and starts the process. We agitate the spray, starting it’s cleaning magic that allows it to bond to dirt and other contaminants in your carpet.


Using our state of the art cleaning machines, we meticulously clean every square inch of your carpet ensuring that everything is nice and clean. Our CX-15 machine (seen above) acts as a ‘pressure washer’ and blasts hot water into your carpet, and a powerful vacuum picks it right back up.

Steam Police Results


After we’re all done, the results can be seen immediately! While we do our best to get your carpet as dry as we can, there will be some residual wetness. Allow your carpet to dry for at least 6 hours before engaging in normal ‘carpet’ activities

Upholstery Cleaning

Let's make that couch brand new again!

Protect your investment

Deep cleaning is an essential element in upholstery care. Upholstery should be deep cleaned at regular intervals. Left untreated, your upholstery collects dirt, dander, dust mites, dead skin cells, hair, pet fur, food crumbs, body oils, and more! Vacuuming will only remove a small amount of these pollutants. This dirt and grime will ultimately penetrate deep into the fiber which can cause a lackluster appearance – and even odors!

More about our process.

Our technicians will thoroughly vacuum every fiber including the back, underside, and pillows. If there are animals present, our technicians will use a brush prior to vacuuming to loosen the hair or fur that can become entangled in the fibers.

Upholstery cleaning is then carried out using the method most appropriate for the particular type of upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabrics cover an extensive range (cotton, wool, leather, plastic, vinyl, etc.). Some of these options respond well to the high heat, low moisture extraction method. Other fabrics, however, need more alternative treatments such as shampooing, dry cleaning or hand washing.

Whether it's a brand new couch, or grandma’s antique chair, we understand that each piece of upholstery in your home is unique. Our Grime Scene Technicians will carefully inspect each piece of furniture to determine which method of cleaning is best.

Meet the DriMaster

Meet the DriMaster

This tool allows our technicians to thoroughly clean your upholstery without over-wetting it. There is also no messy over-spray. After a pre-spray and thorough cleaning, your upholstery will be left fresh, clean, and looking like new.*

* Depending on certain material and other fabric conditions, some stains cannot be removed from carpet or upholstery fabric.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you love your ceramic tile but hate how dingy it looks?

The thing about tile...

Ever notice how the grout in between your tile seems to get darker over time? That's because grout lines are porous, which allows dirt and grime to become embedded, making your grout lines look dirty and old even after you clean it.

Grout also absorbs bacteria and fungus that can cause nasty odors and unsanitary conditions.

Our Grime Scene Technicians use a simple yet effective steam cleaning process to remove the dirt and grime in your grout lines, eliminating odors, bacteria, and discoloration.

Our cleaning process includes:

  • Application of a safe commercial grade cleanser
  • Power scrubbing the cleanser into grout lines with a rotary brush
  • Clean the tile and grout using concentrated steam and suction
  • Dry the floor

We use a safe pre-spray on the tile and grout. Our truck mounted steam cleaning units easily extract all of the dirt and grime making your tile look like new! Take a look!

This video shows the final portion of our tile cleaning process. This tool flushes all of the dirt and grime using high pressure and high heat steam. It is then sucked away for good! (Note – Grout lines always appear darker when wet)